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Marketing in a Digital World

Digital Marketing Course

This Digital Marketing Course has been designed to assist  job seekers who wish to start working in a marketing role at entry level.  It  has also proven very effective for Business Start Ups.  No previous marketing knowledge is required.  The trainning course will cover traditional marketing concepts, while also demonstrating how digital marketing can be integrated into the marketing communications mix.

Job Seakers are required to find a business that they can use as an example to apply the learning from the course.  By completing tasks set after each training module, participants will have created a Digital Marketing Plan for the business. By the end of the course they will each do a 5 minute presentation on the plan they have created.  

Course Outline

Course Aim
This course will cover traditional marketing concepts, while also demonstrating how digital marketing can be integrated into the marketing communications mix. The training course can be delivered over 10 half days or 5 full days, it can also be modified depending on which modules a client requires at the time.  Training can be delivered anywhere in Ireland.

Course Overview

Week 1 - Introduction to Marketing
Week 2 - Marketing Communications
Week 3 – Sales Skills
Week 4 -  Website Marketing
Week 5 – Facebook Marketing 1
Week 6 – Facebook Marketing 2
Week 7 – LinkedIn
Week 8 – Direct Marketing
Week 9 – Conclusion & Presentations

Day 1:  Introduction to Marketing (Full Day)
Understand 2 definitions of Marketing
Identify the 6 steps in the Buying Cycle
Identify different Customer Groups
Learn how to create Buyer Personas

Day 2:  Marketing Communications  (Full Day)
Understand the definition of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Learn how to identify USPs for a business
To Identify what Branding is and how to carry out a Branding Review
To introduce 7 elements of the Marketing Communications Strategy
To examine 11 points to consider when creating good Advertisements
To define what Public Relations (PR) is and how to roll out a PR Campaign

Day 3:  Sales Skills (Half Day)
Identify 10 Steps of Getting Past the Gatekeeper
Identify 5 Steps in Managing Sales Conversations
Understand the 6 Stages in the Sales Process
Planning a Sales Conversation
Practical Role Play

Day 4:  Website Marketing (Half Day)
To identify the main search engines and the role they play in Digital Marketing
To understand how to use the Google Keyword Planner as a research tool
To consider 12 recommendations for Best Practice in Website Design
To identify 7 ways to Organise or Structure a Website
To explain what SEO is and to identify if a website is optimised for the Search Engines
To introduce Google Analytics  

Day 5:  Facebook Marketing 1 (Half Day)
Identify how Facebook is Word of Mouth Online
Outline the differences between a Facebook Profile, Group & Page
Explore the 3 types of Facebook Posts (Organic, Viral & Paid)
Identify an appropriate Cover Photo & Profile Photo
Prepare how to write a professional business description
Explore the best Practices for Posting on Facebook
Select the steps on how to build your page audience

Day 6:  Facebook Marketing 2 (Half Day)
Investigate Facebook Offers, Events & Milestones
Select 3 steps on how to build your page audience
Review 5 third party applications for business pages
Explore Facebook Competition Rules
Identify 4 different types of Facebook Advertising
Select the Steps to Setting Up Facebook Ads
Explore Advertising Performance

Day 7:  LinkedIn  & Introduction to Twitter (Half Day)
Explain LindedIn Terminology
Outline 6 Benefits of having 1st Degree Connections
Examine 5 ways to expand your Connections on LinkedIn
Identify 8 steps to complete a LinkedIn Profile
Name 5 ways to Interact on LinkedIn
Review 10 Most Common Posts/Updates
Explore LinkedIn Company Profiles & Groups
Identify How to Ask for Recommendations
7 Tips for Job Hunting on LinkedIn
Explore Twitter Profile
6 Elements of Updating A Twitter Profile
Definition of 5 Terms Used on Twitter
Examine 4 Different Types of Tweets
Outline the best practices on how to Tweet

Day 8:  Direct Marketing Techniques  (Half Day)
Understand a definition of Direct Marketing
Identify 3 Factors to consider with setting up a Customer Database.
Identify 5 Ways to Grow a Customer Database
Understand 5 Mechanisms that can be used to Roll Out a Direct Marketing Campaign
Understand SMS, Email Marketing & Postal Campaigns in More Detail
Understand in more detail what is required from Presentations/Report next week.

Day 9:  Conclusion & Presentations (Half Day)
Presentations from Course Participants.


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