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Start Your Own Business Training Course

Business Start Up Training Course

Course Aim:
To deliver a practical, informative, training programme that will empower participants to understand the fundamentals in starting their own businesses and also to demonstrate how to prepare and implement a business plan

Learning Outcome:
By completing the tasks set after each module of the course, participants will have created a Business Plan which will not only  be useful should they be looking for grant aid or financial backing, but will also assist them with the practical marketing and financial aspects of running a business.   A business plan template is included with the Training Folder to all participants at the beginning of each course to facilitate this.

Course Overview:
Idea Formation & Market Research
Industry Analysis
Business Description
Marketing Planning
Marketing Communications & PR
Digital Marketing
Financial Planning  
Organisation Structure
Operational Plan
Understanding Taxation
Grant Aid
Writing a Business Planning (Summary)

Outline of Course

Week 1
Investigate 2 methods of carrying out market research
Demonstrate how to carry out a Competitive Analysis
Understand 2 definitions of Marketing
Identify the 6 steps in the Buying Cycle and how this relates to how customers purchase from us
Identify different Customer Groups

Week 2
Learn how to create Buyer Personas
Understand the definition of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Learn how to identify USPs for a business
To Identify what Branding is and how to carry out a Branding Review
The points to consider when creating a Company Logo

Week 3
To introduce 7 elements of the Marketing Communications Strategy
To examine 11 points to consider when creating good Advertisements
To define what Public Relations (PR) is and how to roll out a PR Campaign

Week 4
Learn how to register a business
Understanding the rules of a company
Book keeping skills

Week 5
How to register a business for tax
Learn the elements of an Income Tax return and what to include
Understanding a Profit & Loss account & Balance Sheet

Week 6
Preparing Cashflows and Projections
Finance available for small businesses

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